The Patron Way: From Fantasy To Fortune - Lessons On Taking Any Business From Idea To Iconic Brand

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The never-before-told story of Patron Tequila--the brand that revolutionized an industryHow a billion-dollar business ascended from a forgotten dusty agave field in central Mexico. The Patron Way details the unorthodox building of the brand, the extraordinary creativity and marketing ingenuity of Patron's cofounder, Martin Crowley, and his life partner, Ilana Edelstein, and the way Patron single-handedly transformed the face of the liquor industry. Edelstein was involved in every aspect of the business--from the brand's iconic bottle to designing the sexy and attention-getting outfits worn by the famous "Patron Girls" at promotions and parties to running the back office. Patron is a tequila so sumptuous--and so brilliantly marketed--that it has become the world's leading ultrapremium tequila and has changed the way the spirit is experienced: what was once "gasoline" slammed back in a shot glass is now poured from an exquisite hand-blown bottle into a chilled glass and sipped to attain a "Patron high. Today, Patron has grown to over a billion-dollar brand, and it is the largest generator of revenue of all tequila brands. Edelstein combines the dramatic story of the company's rise to success in an astonishingly competitive and sometimes cutthroat industry with practical business lessons about R&D and brand building that business leaders can put to productive use in any industry. A tale of love, sacrifice, celebrity, dizzying success, and ultimate betrayal, The Patron Way reveals for the first time all the details behind the intimate relationship and marketing genius of the "power couple" that transformed the spirits industry. PRAISE FOR THE PATRON WAY"The Patron Way is a good chronicle of a luxury brand's path to success. . . . Ms. Edelstein dispenses useful advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. The Wall Street Journal Anyone desirous of making sense of tequila's current status will be well served by chugging The Patron Way. Slate There are some good lessons for entrepreneurs launching a product. No doubt, the rise of Patron is something many would love to emulate. And Ilana Edelstein was there from the beginning and delivers an inside view of the story. New York Journal of Books Business lessons echoing 'know who the true tastemakers are, and use them wisely' are sprinkled throughout the book. . . . most readers will appreciate the informal 'tell-all' style that reveals an emphasis on doing some paperwork to cement their role in any business they help grow. Library Journal I can honestly say The Patron Way by Ilana Edelstein was a delicious cocktail of innovation and inspiration with a twist of tragedy for a bittersweet finish. TequilaAficionado.com

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